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Estrada Rzeszowska – a second home for active people

We are a local government cultural institution whose primary goal is to organize and conduct cultural activities in Rzeszów (including professional organization of urban cultural events, local interdisciplinary festivals, concerts, recitals, etc.). We meet the expectations of the Rzeszów community by popularizing interesting phenomena from various fields of culture and art. As part of its educational and animation activities, Estrada Rzeszowska has launched an innovative unit, the Rzeszowski  Inkubator Kultury, under the auspices of which the Voluntary Academy and the music recording studio "Estrada Studio" operate.

About Voluntary Academy

The idea to create a volunteer group operating at Estrada Rzeszowska comes from the project entitled "Ambassadors of Culture", carried out in parallel with the creation of the Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury. Since 2016, the operating formula has changed slightly and the project began to operate under its current name - "Voluntary Academy".

The aim of the Voluntary Academy is to encourage the activity of all those who want to influence cultural events in our city. We would like to draw attention to the enormous potential of opportunities offered by volunteering, and at the same time how many benefits and fun it can generate for the volunteers themselves. Being a volunteer is a super-power with which you can influence the functioning of the local community and thus create the reality around us.

Each program participant will have the opportunity to participate in competence and development training, thanks to which they will be able to use the acquired knowledge in a practical way.

How does it work

After accepting your applications, we will analyze them taking into account your needs, interests and motivations. We will ask people invited to an interview about their vision of cooperation and the activities in which they would like to get involved. After qualifying for the Voluntary Academy, we sign an annual agreement specifying our rights and duties of the Volunteer and the scope of our cooperation. At this stage, new volunteers will undergo a number of competence training courses aimed at preparing them to work in animating the cultural life of the city. Volunteers are also provided with a team of Estrada Rzeszowska employees, people who professionally organize cultural events. Together we will start activities that bring creative ideas to life - from the planning phase, through promotion, logistics, to implementation and subsequent analysis of the achieved effects.

Competency trainings

As part of the program, we offer training in the following topics:

  • volunteering in practice,
  • communication and teamwork,
  • public speaking, conducting cultural events,
  • promotion of cultural events,
  • organization of cultural events in practice.

Volunteer profile

Would you say that you have a lot of energy and creativity? Do you want to turn them into specific actions? Do you want to acquire competences that will allow you to implement your unusual ideas? If so, the Voluntary Academy is just for you. Join our team and go behind the scenes of Rzeszów culture, starting from small, grass-roots initiatives to the largest festivals such as East of Culture. All you need to do is be over 16 years of age and be open to the opportunities offered by the Voluntary Academy.

Membership rules:

  • ongoing involvement in the activities of Estrada Rzeszowska,
  • reliable implementation of assigned tasks,
  • participation in trainings, study trips, organizational and integration meetings of the Voluntary Academy,
  • worthy representation of the city of Rzeszów, Estrada Rzeszowska and the Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury outside.

Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury
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