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Rzeszowski Inkubator  Kultury, initiated as part of the East of Culture in June 2013, is a long-term project implemented within the walls of Estrada Rzeszowska. Since December 2013, it  has been an organizational department at Estrada Rzeszowska.

Our mission is to support grassroots initiatives in the field of broadly understood culture, social and animation activities in Rzeszów and the region, by organizing meetings, training, workshops, discussions, artistic events, partnerships, which will result in influencing the development of future creators and recipients of culture. To this end, we propose our own activities as well as training and workshop programs, both for individuals and groups who want to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of culture under our supervision.

We constantly cooperate with various institutions and organizations both locally and from all over the country, even beyond its borders. It should be mentioned that Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury is not a non-governmental organization, which means that we do not apply for grants on our own. We also cannot serve other entities with our legal personality. Formally, however, Estrada Rzeszowska offers the opportunity to support animators and interested initiatives.

We prefer to operate in six key thematic areas.

Firstly - support for young people.

The activities of Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury are especially targeted at young people aged 13 to 30. In our vision of the world, young people are the most important social capital. We believe that making them aware of the importance of local initiatives in creating culture from scratch. This model should be reflected in their everyday life, work and study.

How do we do it?

On the one hand, we offer projects created and implemented especially for them. Perfect examples are the initiatives "Rzeszowskie ASY" and "Młodzież dla Miasta". On the other hand, we expect their commitment and individual ideas, for the implementation of which we provide our space.

Secondly - support for non-governmental organizations.

Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury offers support in the area of ​​obtaining grants and additional sources of financing one's own activities, e.g. cooperation with business or crowdfunding. Our offer also includes the possibility of renting office and workshop space. We have a space of nearly 110 qm, which can be successfully used by NGOs for meetings, implementation of their own initiatives and to achieve their statutory goals. The space can be made available as open space or co-working.

Thirdly - mentoring.

We focus on building master-disciple relationships. We are aware that for young artists, animators and activists, the first and often the most difficult barrier is establishing contact. We offer a friendly atmosphere, openness, advice and good words, supported by our experience and skills of our staff and people we are friends with. In the incubator, all those willing and talented have a chance to meet their masters from various fields.

Fourthly - volunteering for culture.

As part of the recently launched Voluntary Academy, we offer training for all those restless souls who value activities outside of school, outside of university or outside of work. We are at the stage of implementing volunteer development models aimed specifically at Rzeszów.

Fifthly - partnership.

Our goal is to build an axis of cooperation between culture and business. Rzeszów - the capital of innovation has excellent and actively used business potential. Both ready-made, mature businesses, as well as all start-ups - all initiatives can count on the support of universities and the city government.

We see this as a huge opportunity to support culture. A lot is already happening in this field, and many new and extremely interesting models of cooperation have a chance of being implemented. The know-how that the city of Rzeszów has in this area constitutes a unique knowledge base on a national scale, which we can - and want - to share to our benefit.

Sixthly - implementation of the Incubator's own projects and providing space.



Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury
ul. Jagiellońska 24
35-025 Rzeszów


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