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In Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury there is a Plant Adoption Point, where you leave flowers that you can no longer take care of, or... you adopt a homeless plant.

Introduce some life-giving greenery into your interior. Potted plants have a positive impact on air exchange in our homes and are a great complement to the decor of any apartment.
The initiative is guided by the zero waste idea - don't throw away, give back!

Regulations of the Plant Adoption Point:

  1. We accept potted plants for storage and planting indoors.
  2. Everyone can leave a plant (if there is a free space) or take it.
  3. We accept plants in pots.
  4. Plants must be in good condition and cannot be diseased or damaged.
  5. Information about the donated plant, e.g. name, is welcome.
  6. Before leaving the plant in Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury, please contact us via Facebook, by e-mail: kontakt@inkubatorkultury.eu or in person at the  headquarters at Jagiellońska 24 Stree

Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury
ul. Jagiellońska 24
35-025 Rzeszów


17 853 80 04 fax: 17 853 80 13
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