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The Cultural Incubator of Rzeszów, initiated as a part of the East of Culture in June 2013, is a long-term project realised in Estrada Rzeszowska. Since December 2013, the Incubator is an organisational department in Estrada Rzeszowska.

Our mission is to support grassroots movement in the broad culture, social and animation activities in Rzeszów and its region by organisation of meetings, training, workshops, discussions, artistic events, building partnerships. This results in growth of future creators and recipients of culture. To that end, we offer own activities as well as instructional and technical programmes for any individual or a group who wants to enlarge its cultural knowledge and skills.

We continuously establish cooperation with various institutions and organisations which act at a local level or across the country. We are not a non-governmental organisation which means that we do not apply for grants and we cannot serve other persons with our legal personality. On the other hand, we can formally support animators of Estrada Rzeszowska.

We operate in six thematic areas:

In the first place -  the youth support. What we are doing in the Incubator is especially directed to young people for the 13-30 age group. In our opinion, the young are the most important social capital. We believe that making them aware of the importance of local initiatives and development of culture will reflect in their daily life, work and study. How do we develop the youth? On the one hand, we offer projects which are created and executed for them, e.g. "The Aces of Rzeszów" or "The Youth (for) The City". On the other hand, we expect their individual ideas and we give them space to pursue unaided action.

Secondly - the support of non-governmental organisations in applying grants, additional money for own activities, e.g. cooperation with business and crowdfunding as well as lending of the office and workshop space. The Incubator has dimensions of 107 m2 and NGO might use it to foregather people or to realise own statutory objectives. In CIR we have wireless connection to the Internet due to work of a few or a dozen people is possible (the condition is to have own hardware).

Thirdly, we emphasize on building the master-student relationship. We often encounter young artists, animators and activists. They often need encouragement, a kind word, openness from those more experienced. In the Incubator all those eager and talented people have a chance to meet their masters in various branches. If we do not know whom we can recommend and whom  invite to cooperation, we will do our best to choose and advise on the best person.

Fourthly - the volunteers base for the cultural sector. This is a place where we train those people who are vigorous and appreciate extracurricular and extramural activity. At present, we implement voluntary development models specially for Rzeszów .

Finally, we build cooperation of culture and business."Rzeszów - the city of innovations" has got high and utilised business potential. Academies and the local government support both spectacular and slow-growing potential. There is a great opportunity to support culture. The action has been already taken and many new models of cooperation have an opportunity to be executed. Rzeszów's know-how in this field is going to be unique knowledge in the country. We can share with this knowledge given that potential benefits for us.

Lastly - the realisation of the Incubator's activities and making space available.


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